RE-PLXY Featuring SENUA & Rebel Kuzco – Pink Room

RE-PLXY Featuring SENUA & Rebel Kuzco – Pink Room

Artists are far beyond the days of having one niche thing they can do. Present days you can find many great creatives, that can add value to every facet of a record. From the writing, singing, producing, and even the mix of the record, you can find some who can do it all and RE-PLXY is one of those special creatives. Making a name as one of the best engineers under his monikor “MixedByReplxy”, he’s had a hand in countless releases, and with his new release “Pink Room” featuring SENUA and Rebel Kuzco, he gives us his debut as an artist.

RE-PLXY comes together with SENUA and Rebel Kuzco to make a creative sound with appeal on the new song “Pink Room”. The record is filled with infectious grooves and harmonies, that people are craving in music today. The music marvels at creating an experience you can get lost in, as each element compliments the next to make one amazing cohesive sound. RE-PLXY and SENUA’s vocals blend together perfectly to deliver the writing to perfection, with Rebel Kuzco delivering an impressive verse to seal the deal.

RE-PLXY featuring SENUA and Rebel Kuzco “Pink Room” is a song that is ready for the world to hear. It excels at not only showing the creativity in music, but also the importance of having a digestible sound, that people will be able to come to and enjoy with no limits. If you need good music to enjoy, this record makes it easy to stop your search here.

Check out RE-PLXY featuring SENUA and Rebel Kuzco “Pink Room” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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