Kaya Stewart – Why I Wake Up

Kaya Stewart – Why I Wake Up

We all listen to music to hear different things. So many moving parts a song can have, it’s easy to get lost in the sounds but some artists just shine above it all. Some artists are just commanding, as they grab all of your attention as you are, taken in by the artistry the creative posses. Kaya Stewart has incredible presence on her song “Why I Wake Up”.

Kaya Stewart sounds like a sure star on the new song “Why I Wake Up”. It’s a bold and exciting display, with a sound packed with appeal to help it reach the Masses. The song is vocally stellar, with a big time sound in the vocals that are impossible to ignore for every second, with it delivering the writing to perfection to make it a sure fire hit to enjoy.

Kaya Stewart’s “Why I Wake Up” is an amazing record that goes, beyond just music to enjoy but a big time experience that you must be apart of. The music is daring and fearless in it’s approach to make good music for the world to enjoy. The sound is the perfect storm of mainstream sounds, and soulful vocals to make it something special to be apart of. If you want to be apart of the next big thing, hit play on this stellar record now!

Check out Kaya Stewart “Why I Wake Up” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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