Jenny Mayhem – Soon

Jenny Mayhem – Soon

New music can be enjoyable for. lot of different reasons, especially when the music is fresh. That sound that just brings new life to not only music, but life as well with each element in the music, being enjoyable. That fresh sound is what you get from Jenny Mayhem on the new song “Soon”.

Jenny Mayhem brings a sound that feels like you’re walking on clouds on the new song “Soon”. The song has countless reasons to love it, especially the mesmerizing vocals that deliver each line to perfection. The writing is phenomenal and pure as it tells this story just right, over a chill laid back production that makes you slow down, to enjoy life and music alike.

Jenny Mayhem’s “Soon” is an amazing body work that makes you an instant fan of her artistry. She shines bright like the true star that she is, as she makes a feel good smash that you want to keep on replay. It delivers audiolly as well as visually to make a masterpiece that you want to be apart of for every second she blesses us with.

Check out Jenny Mayhem “Soon” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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