Andy Mineo – Momma Taught Me

Andy Mineo – Momma Taught Me

When making music it’s always important to showcase your skills. Giving people every reason to get invested in the artistry, but it’s even more important to bring substance to the music. That message that makes the people leave with more than they came with. That approach always makes the music stick with you and Andy Mineo brings that with his new song “Momma Taught Me”.

Andy Mineo has been bring endless pressure in anticipation for his new project “Happy Thoughts”, and he continues to bring it with his new song “Momma Taught Me”. His latest release its packed with heavy lyricsm and real messages that need to be heard now more than ever. The urgency in the flow shines and drives each line to proper point to make it impossible to ignore. All of this takes place over an instrumental packed with soul to make it a true musical experience to enjoy.

Andy Mineo’s “Momma Taught Me” is a thorough Hip Hop record through and through. It’s bold, commanding, and unapologetically truthful in it’s pursuit to deliver the real for the fans. The emceeing is second to none and something you must hear now, as he creates unlimited excitement for his new project that you need to listen to.

Check out Andy Mineo “Momma Taught Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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