Naya Ali – Air Ali

Naya Ali – Air Ali

Hip Hop has long been a male dominated genre. Since the beginning this genre has long been a “man’s world”, with very little room for female talent. Time’s have changed and now more female talent is not only shining, but making real noise to shake up the culture. Naya Ali is one of those new rising talents with her new song “Air Ali”.

Naya Ali truly sounds like the next big thing on her new song “Air Ali”. Her presence is commanding, and right away she makes you tune in to see what will happen next. The flow is confident and packed with the right amount of power to deliver, the bravado filled lyrics to make it engaging for every second of audio, she blesses us with to make must hear music.

Naya Ali’s “Air Ali” is not only a great record, but a shining example of female artists today. That confident and braggadocio attitude to take this game over, is the energy that oozes out of the speaker, to make to make it an experience you must be apart of.

Check out Naya Ali “Air Ali” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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