MOL$ Featuring twikipedia – bubble soda

MOL$ Featuring twikipedia – bubble soda

One of the most refreshing things of hearing music present day is an artist with their own style. An artist who has a fresh approach to the music, that stands apart from the status quo of what everyone else does. That type of music always creates a fun experience and fun is what you will have listening to the new record from MOL$ called “bubble soda” featuring twikipedia.

MOL$ and twikipedia come together to create an exciting display of music on the new song “bubble soda”. The music fits the title perfectly, with a refreshing sound of music, that lets you slow down and enjoy the fresh vibes. The brightness in the music shines, and the rapping shins even more with writing packed with flex, and a flow that puts the charisma on full bloom to rock the record for every second.

MOL$ featuring twikipedia “bubble soda” is a super dope collaboration that makes music enjoyable to find. They master the art of making engaging tunes people want to hear, with each integral part of the song playing it’s part to the fullest to make one amazing sound, that one listen will not be enough for.

Check out MOL$ featuring twikipedia “bubble soda” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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