Wes Tarte – Snooze

Wes Tarte – Snooze

Music is great when it’s commanding. When it shakes up your world and creates energy around that makes life exciting. That type of music gets people invested in a real way, as they try to be apart of the music as best as possible. That commanding music you get on the new exciting record from Wes Tarte called “Snooze”.

Wes Tarte brings that raw energy that is captivating and intriguing on the new song “Snooze”. The music is packed with raw energy, that you can see taking over a whole stadium full of moshpits. It’s that get out your seat music, with high energy in the vocals, as well as the self produced music that makes you have to clear the streets out.

Wes Tarte’s “Snooze” is everything that makes you want to not only want to hear the music, but be around to capture the music in person. Every second is hard hitting and has has you on the edge of your seat, as he takes over the mind and spirit on this hard hitting record.

Check out Wes Tarte “Snooze” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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