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Every genre is known for it’s own special thing, but no other genre is known for it’s grooves and melodies like R&B. That music you have that feels good to the bones, as you enjoy the music, and forget about all of your problems for a moment. That is one of R&B’s greatest strengths and you can hear that in the new song from Tyler Coolidge and Joyce Wrice called “Privacy”.

Tyler Coolidge and Joyce Wrice come together to make something super smoot hand super must hear on the new song “Privacy”. As soon as the music starts it makes you want to dance, as you hear a throwback approach with a fresh touch that works wonders. the melodies are enticing and mesh perfectly to deliver the writing, in the best way to make it a soulful experience, that you will be thankful to be apart of.

Tyler Coolidge and Joyce Wrice “Privacy” is an amazing record that exudes everything that makes R&B great. The record is amazing at not only creating good audio to enjoy, but an experience that you can get lost in, with each moving part doing it’s work to make magic, that the world will enjoy for time to come.

Check out Tyler Coolidge and Joyce Wrice “Privacy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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