SWEETS – Ashtray Cowboy

SWEETS – Ashtray Cowboy

Hip Hop more than ever has become more about the feel. The vibe of the record determining so much, it can be easy to forget the art of true emceeing. That element in the music where great lyricism counts, and that presence in the flow that, makes the delivery have that much more conviction. That type of Hip Hop will always be real and the real is what you get from SWEETS on his new song “Ashtray Cowboy”.

SWEETS delivers authentic Hip Hop at it’s finest on his new song “Ashtray Cowboy”. The production is packed with that boom bap feel, that sets the perfect head nodding tone for SWEETS to talk full advantage of. His voice is raw, and packed with so much character that you buy in right away, as he delivers his impressive lyricism that his fans all over go crazy for. Each element being just as good as the nest to make on Hip Hop masterpiece.

SWEETS “Ashtray Cowboy” is that super dope Hip Hop, that will forever breathe fresh life in to the culture. It’s a record that is packed with talent and substance that makes it enjoyable for every second, as well a record with unlimited replay value. The emceeing is second to none, and has a signature sound that will have you coming back for more, from this talented artist.

Check out SWEETS “Ashtray Cowboy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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