Justin Christopher – I saw RED

Justin Christopher – I saw RED

It’s always exciting to hear music from an artist you are a fan of, but it’s even more exciting to hear them try new sounds. Daring to take chances in the music, as they grow in their artistry to make something incredible that gives you even more reasons, to be a fan of their artistry. That daring approach is prominent in Justin Christopher’s new song “I saw RED”.

Justin Christopher is truly a master of taking chances in the music, and in his latest effort he makes some of his boldest music yet on his new song “I saw RED”. The passion and aggression in the flow is prominent, as you hear the fire in his heart being released unto the mic. The writing is strong, and fearless as he tackles hard issues unapolegiticlly, to not only make great music but statement all over this hard production that’s engaging for every second.

Justin Christoper’s “I saw RED” is an amazing piece of work that is everything artistry should be. He goes against the grain, and uses his power of being an artist to command the minds with substance, as well as something real to get you through. It delivers in the music as well as the visuals on some of his best work.

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