The Game Featuring Lil Wayne – A.I. With The Braids

The Game Featuring Lil Wayne – A.I. With The Braids

One of most culturally polaringzing players ever is Allen Iverson. A phenomenal talent who changed the game on and off the court, with his cornrows, tattoos, and unapologetic Hip Hop style that made him an iconic legend. Artists who have also had the same impact is The Game and Lil Wayne.

The Game being the savior the West Coast needed who not only rapped the part, but the looked the part as well since he came out with his legendary debut “The Documentary”. The same impact you can also get from Lil Wayne who is the true prototype of rappers today with, his countless tattoos, dreads, and rhyme substance that is still prominent in music today. When the twosome together for the new song “A.I. With The Braids” it seemed meant to be.

The Game and Lil Wayne come together for another monumental collaboration on the new song “A.I. With the Braids”. The song embodies the title with hard rhyming packed with edge by the pair, with each artist having commanding presence you can’t ignore, and raw flows that deliver everything to perfection, as they cross up and shake up delivers lyrically on this special piece of audio to give the culture more life.

The Game featuring Lil Wayne “A.I. With the Braids” is an impressive body of work that is truly Hip Hop gold, for their countless fans everywhere. It’s a record that doesn’t slack for second, with a daring approach that is fearless and bold to deliver something must hear. That daring energy that Hip Hop, as well as A.I. is known for shines bright on this super dope collaboration.

Check out The Game featuring Lil Wayne “A.I. With the Braids” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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