carolesdaughter – violent

carolesdaughter – violent

Songs can stick with you for many different reasons, but it’s a different level when the music is real. That music that is beyond authentic and is something that you connect to, because it’s so real. That level of transparency is is what makes people fall in love with an artist, and carolesdaughter has that appeal with her new song “violent”.

A musical masterpiece filled with edgy writing, and raw emotion is what you get from carolesdaughter on her new song “violent”. The record is fearless, and real as she tells the story that a lot of us can relate to, about toxic relationships. The writing is fierce and is the perfect contract for the soft tone in the delivery to make it shine that much more. All of this takes place over a production with knocking 808’s and guitar strings to set the feel necessary to bring this art to life.

The new song “violent” from carolesdaughter is that daring music you get from an artist, who is willing to bare themselves to the world. It holds no punches and delivers something special, that will get you through. Everything plays it part in a divine way, to make something for the world to take in to enjoy and feel in a real way.

Check out carolesdaughter “violent” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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