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Some records are just impossible to contain. Those records that are packed with so much star power, that it bursts out the seams, and must be given to the world to enjoy. Those type of records don’t come everyday but when you hear them, you must drop everything and enjoy the art being displayed. That type of music is what you get from Kash Doll and DJ Infamous on their new song “Bad Azz” featuring Mulatto and Benny the Butcher.

Kash Doll and Dj Infamous come together with Mulatto and Benny the Butcher to make something undeniable on the new song “Bad Azz”. The star power on this record, is incredible with each artist being on fire in their own right, and each doing amazing work together to make on cohesive sound. The production is packed with bounce, the flows are packed with flex, and the lyrics ooze bravado to make a record that will make people go crazy wherever they hear it.

Kash Doll, DJ Infamous Featuring Mulatto & Benny The Butcher “Bad Azz” is a super dope collaboration, by a super dope collective of must hear artists. Each element of the track plays it’s role to perfection, to make something special for their fans everywhere, with a sound that is packed with mass appeal, to break any barrier of preference to be a record that you must be apart of now.

Check out Kash Doll & DJ Infamous Featuring Mulatto & Benny The Butcher “Bad Azz” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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