Tiscore x Stefy De Cicco – Down

Tiscore x Stefy De Cicco – Down

To make amazing music artists, can take it on in many different ways. Bringing different sounds together to make on cohesive amazing record. Sometimes they blend something old with something new, to make it all enjoyable. That’s exactly what Tiscore and Stefy De Cicco do on their new song “Down”.

Taking on legendary music is tough challenge, but Tiscore and Stefy De Cicco steps up to the challenge and creates a stellar piece with “Down”. It’s truly a innovative and groovy take on this record to create some of the best music out there, you will hear present day with everything coming together to make magic to do the Brandy sample justice. Their take is daring and crafts together something special and packed with grooves.

Tiscore and Stefy De Cicco’s “Down” is a killer track that will make the world move. The music is infectious and will make you enjoy the classic flip In a new light, as well as enjoy the fresh take that will have you dancing for every single second of audio.

Check out Tiscore and Stefy De CiccoDown” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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