Curtis Roach – Bamboo Lounge (Poppin)

Curtis Roach – Bamboo Lounge (Poppin)

Photo Credit: Xavier Cuevas

There’s no shortage of new artists out there. Everyday there’s new talent coming on to the scene, but some people are just stars. Some people just have a certain presence to them, where you buy in immediately, and know without a doubt they’re going to be someone the world will know and enjoy. You don’t find those people too often but when we seen Curtis Roach on his new video “Bamboo Lounge (Poppin)” we knew he was one of those stars.

Curtis Roach showcases his talents majorly on his new song “Bamboo Lounge (Poppin)”. His presence is commanding, over this production that packed with appeal, while his super flow is on full bloom for the world to enjoy. The flow isn’t the only that marvels but the lyrics as well as he shows off his incredible pen, that will be sure to build a discography of must hear hits.

Curtis Roach’s “Bamboo Lounge (Poppin)” is one of those amazing records that make an artist impossible to deny. He does everything to a supreme level to make something that is must hear. His sound is special and digestible with a vibe that anyone who loves good music can enjoy in a real way.

Check out Curtis Roach “Bamboo Lounge (Poppin)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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