KIRBY featuring D SMOKE – Superpower

KIRBY featuring D SMOKE – Superpower

The world is constantly changing, as is music. There’s always something new or trendy to come into the fold, to change the way people take in music, but something that will never change is the way music with soul connects with people. That music that goes far beyond a quick tune to enjoy, but a record that is rooted in substance to create something real for the artist, and consumer alike. The new song from KIRBY called “Superpower” featuring D SMOKE is one of those soulful records.

KIRBY comes together with D SMOKE to make a modern day masterpiece, that’s packed with black excellence on the new song “Superpower”. The music is instantly engaging, with production that has a bass line that’s funky and soulful enough to set the tone for the art. KIRBY shines with her amazing vocals, that have an authenticity that can’t be faked as she delivers the message to the fullest.

Her performance is complimented by a verse from D SMOKE, who brings his signature style to add more value to the record. The verse is lyrically supreme, and the flow is sharp enough to make sure it all lands with masterful precision.

KIRBY featuring D SMOKE “Superpower” is an amazing body of work that showcases the magic of people coming together, to do good for the world. It excels in every facet of record making, while also delivering must hear substance to make it all that much more special.

Check out KIRBY featuring D SMOKE “Superpower” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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