Jidé – WhoisJidé (Album Review)

Jidé – WhoisJidé (Album Review)

Music is so diverse, and makes people come to certain genres for certain things, but some artist are able to give you everything. Blending multiple genres in their music, to make one cohesive sound that truly fills the soul, and craving for good music. An artist who does this is Jidé. A special talent from Texas, who knacks for making hits is evident in any song of your choice you hear. For his latest release “WhoisJidé” he answers the question to the fullest, for a must hear experience. Blow is the review.

10.14.95“Just trying to hear my mom say she proud of me” A special talent of Jidé is taking the listener deep, in a way that has so much swagger to it that’s infectious. The production sets an introspective tone, that he takes full advantage of with his transparent writing that, is delivered by his melodic approach that packs soul to make each line felt to start this project off strong.

How I Move: The project is pushed sonically well with one of singles before the released built anticipation for the project. His presence is commanding as he maneuvers through the music with ease, with slick writing and a vocal tone that is match made in heaven with the production.

Believe Me:“Are you down? Shorty you can roll with me” A continuous vibe is what this record gives you. The music sounds like a suite with each song, playing off the other to make this on cohesive sound for the project. The music complements each other, while still highlighting his amazing writing to the fullest.

Like Me:The perfect storm of bravado and soul is on full bloom. The production has a real Hip Hop feel in the drums, with the piano keys giving it a deep feel that Jidé tells his story over. The chorus is icy and makes you want to sing along immediately, with the chorus being complemented but the story telling in the verses, that show his lyricism as well as rapping ability.

Grind:Another single from the project that built buzz for this talent, gets it’s full shine on this project. The music is smooth and flows well with a sound that leaves your body stuck, but makes your mind wander to a special place. The songwriting shines with his record making being on full display, with his melodic approach to his vocal cadence working it’s magic like it always does, to make some damn good music.

Bands on Me: Jidé music always been smooth, as well as hypnotizing with this record showcasing that. The sound has that Texas feel that makes you vibe endlessly, while he talks spicy to the blues showing off his southern roots we can’t deny.

Too Long featuring Creator Kem: A summer release from Jidé, that made the season hotter, brings even more heat on the album. A personal favorite as the two link up to make something must hear. The writing is packed with flavor and delivered smoothly to make it something, you can ride to and take on the cool of the record.

Actin Up: “I don’t know why they acting like I’m not the fireman in the booth” The playful playboy energy that has long existed in R&B is what this track oozes. The macho approach to the writing that exudes confidence, with his melodic approach delivering every line in masterful precision, with the flair of Hip Hop in the cadence that makes it all click just right.

New Bae: New love is always fun and with this record he makes an anthem for it. The confidence in the approach is something people will run to after a break up, as they move on with the energy he possesses in the music, over this production that knocks.

Myself: This record is Jidé most unapologetic. He gives an ode to his hustle that is relatable for the masses. The production is smooth, and the writing is on fire to showcase his talent to the fullest. The story telling is on point and paints a the picture vividly as he takes you on his journey.

Butterflies: “Told my momma I can’t come back home, till my money long” To finish off the project he gives you everything you love from and more. The smooth trill production that makes you vibe, the slick writing that is vivid and saucy, and the signature melodic approach to bring it all home.

Jidé’s “WhoisJidé” is everything a project should be. He gives his fans everything they love from him, while giving new fans all they can expect moving forward. In a time where lyrics can be simplistic, his writing shines to the fullest, with a pen that can craft a hit every time he performs. His melodic approach shines to the fullest, and showcases on every record why he’s the real deal.

Check out Jidé “WhoisJidé” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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