HEIGHTS – Hypertension

HEIGHTS – Hypertension

A special record is one you can feel .That music that you play and you feel like you get to, know the artist by the amount of transparency in the music. Those type of special tunes are a rarity in these times, but when you come across one of these gems they shine in a major way, as they make it hard to not slow down and enjoy the music. That’s what HEIGHTS does on her new song “Hypertension”.

HEIGHTS gives the world a soulful masterpiece on her new song “Hypertension”. The production sets the best tone for the writing and vocals, with piano chords that setting the stage for the magic she creates. The vocals are dreamy, as well as soulful with each note tugging at the heart to make you get emotionally invested no matter the climate. The writing is stellar and packed with truth to make this record have a place in your life that will never leave.

HEIGHTS “Hypertension” is a record that will last the listener a lifetime. It’s soul music to the core, with it getting the listener to feel every word, as it takes them to their place. Everything about this is musically superb, and beyond music, it’s a true work of art that is filled with emotion to make it super real with each listen.

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