Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild – Mass Media

Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild – Mass Media

In the words of the legendary Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D “Hip Hop is the news for the ghetto”. This genre has long been people’s source for the truth. Giving the report for what’s really going in the world, with a rawness you won’t get from nay other mainstream news outlet. That authenticity is what makes everything that much realer, and the real is what you get from Rasheed Chappell and Buckwild on the new song “Mass Media”.

Rasheed Chappell and Buckwild come together to deliver truth and keep Hip Hop’s spirit alive on the new song “Mass Media”. The production for this record sets the perfect tone, with that hard bounce and boom bap making the listener nod their before we are blessed with verses. The flow are commanding, and the lyrics are heavy with gems carried in the rhymes that give that truth that listeners will forever come to this genre for.

Rasheed Chappell and Buckwild’s “Mass Media” is a powerful record that the world needs to tune into. Everything about this record is pure substance, to take in and enjoy the shine of the Hip hop gold being delivered by these two emcees. The truth and conviction that Hip Hop is cemented in is on full bloom, on this record that is a great listen with a greater message.

Check out Rasheed Chappell and Buckwild “Mass Media” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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