Litany – uh-huh

Litany – uh-huh

Some songs just have a presence to them you can’t ignore. Before you even fully understand what’s enticing about the record, you just fall in love with it, as it goes far beyond a critique or preference, but just something you have to be apart of. Litany has one of those special kind of records on her new song “uh-huh”.

Litany creates a special piece of art the world can dive in to on her new song “uh-huh”. The music captures a bright fun feel ,that you feel in your spirit as something great, with her signature vocals bringing the ultimate appeal to the record, that makes you eat up every word of the writing on this must hear record that is in a class of it’s own.

Litany’s “uh-huh” is an amazing record that will always make hearing fresh music exciting. It’s your new favorite song that’s waiting for you to dive in, with each element playing it’s part to the fullest to make one supreme cohesive sound. The production sets the perfect tone, the vocals are mesmerizing, and the writing is superb on this one of a kind jam.

Check out Litany “uh-huh” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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