How to Set Yourself for New Employment Opportunities After Covid-19

How to Set Yourself for New Employment Opportunities After Covid-19

Are you finding yourself going stir crazy from the perpetual indoor season of Covid-19? Put your ample free time to good use by setting yourself up for new employment opportunities after the pandemic has ended. Don’t know where to start, or what to learn? This article will aim to answer those very questions. Let’s hop in.

The In-Demand Jobs of Today

The first place to look for new employment opportunities is a list of the most sought after jobs today. US News and World Report has compiled a nice list of the 100 Best Jobs in America. A quick glance at this list will show that three of the top 12 jobs on the list are either tech-based jobs, or tech-enabled jobs. According to this list, the #1 best job in America is software engineer. Statistician and IT manager are also ranked in the top 12.

Let’s take a look at the skill set required for these best jobs in America, where you can learn these new skills, and what you can expect in one of these top career choices.

Coding Bootcamps: the Future of Tech Education 

Don’t have a formal tech education? Don’t have a formal higher education degree? No sweat. A traditional higher ed degree is no longer needed to break into a career in tech. These days coding bootcamps are quickly becoming the preferred method of learning the skill set for a career as a software developer, statistician, IT manager, or other top tech careers.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

The goal of a coding bootcamp is simple—to provide an easily accessible tech education to motivated career switchers. The short-term, intensive nature of these programs teach students how to code quickly through effective and applicable hands-on experience. The average program length is just two to four months. Coding schools like Hackreactor have partnerships with tech companies located near their campuses. These partnerships help to place their graduates in programming positions, setting them up with a new employment opportunity post-graduation. 

What Coding Bootcamp is Right for You?

Need some help finding the right bootcamp for you? Career Karma’s got you covered. They have compiled a list of the best coding bootcamps. They know a thing or two about coding bootcamps. You can trust their coding bootcamp guides as an excellent resource to finding the right program for you. 

Got the Coding Skills – Now What?

Once you have learned the necessary coding skills through your bootcamp program, you’re ready to take on the job market. Here’s what you can expect in a career from one of the best tech-based jobs in America that was mentioned earlier.

Software Engineer

According to US News and World Report, this is the #1 best job in America. So, what does a software engineer actually do? 

Software engineers use their coding know-how in coding languages like Java and SQL to craft new and improved software programs in every industry, both in the professional and personal world. Fan of video games? That’s the handy work of software engineering. Do you use social media to stay connected with friends and family, or to promote your business? All social media platforms thrive off the coding written by software engineers. Use customer relationship management (CRM) programs to manage your team’s on-going projects? You guessed it. Built by software engineers.

Your career as a software engineer will vary depending on the software programs you are tasked with designing and building. One major upside to a software engineering career is that it is completely remote-based capable. That means that you knock out your coding bootcamp, and enjoy the beginnings of a new career without needing to head into an office. Obviously a plus in today’s world of Covid-19.


Plain and simple—statistician’s deal with data. Data science companies, both big and small, have a team of state pros to translate the data collected into research worthy information. A career as a statistician is more tech-enabled than tech-based. That being said, it will benefit you greatly if you know how database management software works. These will be the computer programs that will collect the data that you will analyze. Knowing how to manipulate them yourself will save you time on the job, and likely set you apart from other applicants. 

IT Manager 

IT managers are the lead point in an organization’s IT department. You can expect to lead a team of talented tech troubleshooters to make sure that your company’s servers, systems, and devices are running smoothly. You may also be tasked with cybersecurity management depending on the size of your company. 


Take the spare time you have gained during Covid-19 to set yourself up for new employment opportunities. The best place to find better career opportunities is in the tech industry. Make a short investment in a coding bootcamp. It will pay large dividends in your career opportunities after Covid-19.

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