Covaboy – Smile More

Covaboy – Smile More

No other genre is judged harder on their authenticity than Hip Hop. That realness that you seek from an artist, to make surer they’re as through as they say. Authenticity can be heard to gauge but some artist have music that is filled with so much conviction , that you know they’re baring their soul to the listener with something real. Covaboy gives the ultimate conviction on his new song “Smile More”.

Covaboy gives his all to the listener on his new song “Smile More”. The production creates an intimate mood for, his style to flourish in. Covaboy’s presence is felt right away, with a commanding presence in his flow that is packed with poise and power to deliver his lines just right. The writing is heavy, and you get invested in every line as he tells his story, that others go through as well to be the guide the people need.

Covaboy’s “Smile More” is that type of record that makes someone get invested into the person behind the music. The level of transparency is what Hip Hop was built on, as he is able top tell his story in a real way, while showcasing his high level of talent. needed to execute this message to perfection.

Check out Covaboy “Smile More” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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