Hayley Mary – The Chain

Hayley Mary – The Chain

Discovering new music and artist is always at it’s best when you find something fresh and innovative. That music you hear from someone that stands out from the plethora of songs you hear, as something creative and special that will stick with you. That will always be an exciting element to music and that excitement you can get from Hayley Mary on her new song “The Chain”.

Hayley Mary brings an exciting record you hope will never end on her new song “The Chain”. Her talent is in another stratosphere with an innovative sound, that you will never want to turn off. The bright production is truly amazing and the perfect contrast for the deep songwriting and vocal performance, delivering the perfect color to this brilliant art piece she gives the listener.

Hayley Mary’s “The Chain” is a fresh record that will make people enjoy her work to the fullest. The sound is one of a kind, the songwriting is brilliant in it’s articulation, and the vocal performance is ready for the world to take in and enjoy.

Check out Hayley Mary “The Chain” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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