The Sonder Bombs – Crying Is Cool

The Sonder Bombs – Crying Is Cool

The thing with a special record, is it will always find you when you need it. Those special records that say, everything you need to hear, exactly when you need to hear it. That type of magic in music is divine, and one of the many reasons people seek music for a lifetime, with the gems of life being in these records. That level of music is what you get from The Sonder Bombs on the new song “Crying Is Cool”.

The Sonder Bombs gives you a shoulder to lean on with their new song “Crying Is Cool”. The writing is deep, and the production balances it out with a bright sound that makes everything alright in the world. The song vocally is amazing and special enough to deliver this message with masterful precision to hit the listener in the heart with everything they need and more.

The Sonder Bombs “Crying Is Cool” is a beyond supreme record that will people a go to for a lifetime. It’s stellar in every way musically and goes beyond being amazing audio to enjoy, but a spiritual experience that helps the listener breathe and handle life.

Check out The Sonder Bombs “Crying Is Cool” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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