Day Lee Featuring PNB Rock – 4RealTho

Day Lee Featuring PNB Rock – 4RealTho

An important element to have in the music to make it go far is melody. Those catchy grooves that makes for an enticing listen for the consumer, that makes the music last with them, even after the song plays. It’s melodies that helped songs go far since the beginning, and you can even hear it present day in songs like the fresh new release from Day Lee on his new song “4RealTho” featuring PnB Rock.

Day Lee links up with PnB Rock for the infectious new record “4RealTho”. The song is packed with elements that people crave in their music, with hard production that knocks out the speaker to make your head move, infectious melodies in the flows that make you want to learn the words immediately, and presence that’s packed with flex to make you buy into the music, and artist alike.

Day Lee featuring PnB Rock “4RealTho” is a super dope record from super dope talent. It excels in making digestible music people will enjoy as well as giving people every reason they need to checkout Day’s new project WAY OF Vol. 2 EP. If you’re looking for great music, this jam will get the job done for you in a real way

Check out Day Lee featuring PnB Rock “4RealTho” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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