Donielle Houston – Fill Me Up

Donielle Houston – Fill Me Up

When having the ear of the people it’s important on using that power the right way. Especially when you’re in the position to give the people so much more than they came for. That’s a power Donielle Houston understands on her new song “Fill Me Up”.

Donielle Houston holds power beyond words on her new song “Fill Me Up”. The message is felt over this soulful production that sets the perfect tone for Donielle to perform. The lyrics are filled with so many messages and life gems that the world needs right now, and it’s all delivered by vocal performance packed with the right amount of soul to make it all felt in a real way.

Donielle Houston’s “Fill Me Up” is that music that shows how much power real music still has. In a time where music can be simplistic, she adds a complexity that’s needed, while still giving a powerful message in a digestive way to makes this a stellar record across the board for the world to enjoy.

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