Tai Verdes – Drugs

Tai Verdes – Drugs

When making music it’s important to not only make must hear music, but music people can relate to. That music one can hear, and wonder if the song that feels so personal was made about them. That type of music is what people will run to for a lifetime and Tai Verdes brings that type of music on his new song “Drugs”.

Tai Verdes is commanding on his ultra relatable new song “Drugs”. The song is the perfect storm of heavy writing, and feel good production to make one cohesive masterpiece. The writing is something that will resonate with people in a real way, as it tackles hard issues that people deal with daily. The writing is delivered by a vocal performance that mastered the art, of putting the right amount of emotion to it, to make it all felt on this soulful piece of art.

Tai Verdes “Drugs” is an amazing piece of music that shows how to make authentic music, that has a message with a big sound that can go far. It’s a master class of musicianship in every way of music making, to make something enjoyable for the masses.

Check out Tai Verdes “Drugs” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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