Dude It’s Nolan – Low-Key

Dude It’s Nolan – Low-Key

To say times have been crazy is an understatement. So many changes happening, and to come it’s important to appreciate the consistencies in life. One of those consistencies is the super dope music from artists like Dude It’s Nolan. Dropping crazy releases with the collective iLL ChiLDREN, and now an impressive solo release called “Low-Key”.

Dude It’s Nolan doesn’t let up a second on his new song “Low-Key” that displays high key talent. The signature flow shines to the fullest, bringing an exhilarating Hip Hop experience packed with amazing lyricism, to give you a new favorite line to enjoy in each bar. The production sets the perfect tone with knocking 808’s that Nolan rips over to bring this record to it’s rightful destination.

Dude It’s Nolan’s “Low-Key” it’s a stellar display of music that helps push the culture forward. Everything is done to a high level, and can only come from an artist who has master their talent, in a real way to bring music to fans all over the world, with a style that transcends cultures.

Check out Dude It’s Nolan “Low-Key” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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