Cody Q – Still Know You

Cody Q – Still Know You

There’s many reasons to fall in love with music and an artist a like. Especially when an artist just has something special. Something that you can’t put your finger on, but you know you are hearing something beyond amazing, and something you can’t just hear from anyone. That’s what Cody Q does with his new song “Still Know You”.

Cody Q will make a fan out of anyone who listens on his new song “Still Know You”. The song itself is super hard to even come to words to talk about, due to the awe and amazement it leaves you in. The approach is brilliant and has a vocal approach that is filled with class and it’s captivating. The production is creative and a special, as everything connects to create a audio masterpiece.

Cody Q’s “Still Know You” is a must hear record, from a must hear talent. He exudes musical greatness, as his daring approach and willingness to take chances, pays off majorly to create this incredible record. If you want to hear something beyond special, then listen to him now!

Check out Cody Q “Still Know You” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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