D’rock – Arenas

D’rock – Arenas

Music is always changing and always evolving, but one thing all music is rooted in is soul. That special feel that helps the listener connect to the music, as the authenticity in the music, makes it hard not to resonate with the listener. That music is what D’rock delivers on his debut single “Arenas”.

D’rock makes the soundtrack for dreamers on his debut “Arenas”. His authenticity grabs you in instantly on this record packed with aspirational vibes all while showcasing his knack for writing. The incredible lyrics delivered by D’rock are all delivered by vocal performance filled with soul and vulnerability to make it an experience you feel in a real way.

D’rock’s “Arenas” is that real music that people will always run to when they need a reason to keep going. It’s soulful and honest, while still being top class music. From the writing, production and vocal approach, it all hits the mark in superb fashion to truly make this an amazing debut for his fans to enjoy.

Check out D’Rock “Arenas” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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