Callab – Assorted 61x Pack (Album Review)

Callab – Assorted 61x Pack (Album Review)

Music is far beyond the days of each genre being separate from the other. Present day are artist are becoming more hybrid, with showcasing multiple skills to make one amazing sound. An artist that embodies this is Grand Rapids own Callab. A multi-talented artist who uses his singing and rapping ability to make an amazing sound for the people to digest. On his latest effort “Assorted 61x Pack” he showcases this to the fullest, giving everything you could want and more. Below is a breakdown.

B.D.E.: “Operating off love, not hate and fear” Project starts with a calm storm of a sample, before Callab makes his presence felt. As soon as he steps in he is commanding, with high energy with his hybrid style of rapping and singing, he’s mastered to deliver great music.

Wave: “This is a fact, n**ga this not a feeling” With the stage set he ups the energy, and brings a record that feels like stadium status. The music is big and he rises to the occasion with writing that is the perfect blend of flair, and consciousness to go deep, to be entertaining as well as transparent.

Gogogo: Sonically the production sounds like a great extension of it’s predecessor, and uses this canvas to make a break up record for anyone trying to get it. The delivery in the rhyming is filled with the right amount of conviction, on this record that will serve as a go to for that time.

Depression Featuring Balize: “Don’t believe em, they just rap good” Callab links with Balize to deliver some of the heaviest writing on the project. Each delivers with strong conviction, delivering honest and relatable writing like “Got what you saying I don’t need depression, you not my teacher I don’t need no lesson”. Each element from the rapping to singing makes it all connect in a real way.

Best: The pace picks up to deliver a record that is packed with appeal. The singing has the soul of R&B that resonates well, while the production blends Pop, R&B, and EDM to make one cohesive that shows his creativity to full bloom.

Sex2 Featuring 85washere: The R&B aspect of Callab’s style’s shine to the fullest. The production feels good to hear and the writing is packed with R&B classic song references, that are delivered with that soul the genre is known for to make a modern day jam to bring more life to the genre.

Citizen Featuring E-Will, J-Rob, Lady Ace Boogie, Jance, Cheeze Weez, Rebel Kuzco, And Cheezy Scott:  This collective of Grand Rapids talent come together to embody the talent Grand Rapids has to offer on this song that was released as a single for the projec. Each artist shining to the fullest with their own respective style. Giving you impressive wordplay with each bar painting a picture of the city in a real way, that natives will know instantly, and others wanting to be apart of it. The flows are commanding and perfect to deliver the lyrics, that go over this soulful Hip Hop production perfectly.

I Suppose: “Frenemies really don’t want no enemies or no smoke” Callab delivers his most unapologetic track for the finale. He’s raw and honest, giving his all to the fans, with his signature melodic approach being packed with soul to close out the show just right.

Callab’s “Assorted 61x Pack” is a daring body of work that showcases his creativity to the fullest. It gives you everything you can want in a project from the singles packed with appeal, that Hip Hop oriented tracks that have conviction and flex, and the R&B focused records that have the soul that made the genre rise to prominence. Each track delivers in it’s own individual way to make something must hear for the world.

Check out Callab “Assorted 61x Pack” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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