Don Pablito featuring G Perico – West Coast

Don Pablito featuring G Perico – West Coast

Hip Hop is forever growing and changing. So many different elements being added to his steady growing genre, there’s no shortage of music. One thing there is a shortage of is lyrical emcees, who make music that has appeal. Emcees who can show off their impressive pen, while still making music that can transcend a certain lane. Don Pablito links with G Perico to do this to a masterful level on the new song “West Coast”.

Don Pablito comes together with G Perico to show why he’s the Bicoastal Don on the new song “West Coast”. He makes this track his own as he displays his incredible pen and maneuvers through this track with ease, showing the poise and focus in the flow necessary to get the job done. Not only is Don Pablito pen on point but G Perico as well, with his signature flow and slick pen to put on for the West in a real way.

Don Pablito featuring G Perico “West Coast” is that super dope Hip Hop that gives fresh air to the genre. Emcees stepping up to show, it’s more than making words but actually crafting good music that the people will be able to enjoy for time to come.

Check out Don Pablito featuring G Perico “West Coast” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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