Melted Vinyl – Beyond

Melted Vinyl – Beyond

Nothing is a critic game like music. Everyone getting a chance to hear a record, and form an opinion whether it’s a good or bad, but some music is beyond that. Some music is beyond just giving a critique and just a record you can play, and get wrapped up in the world of the music. That type of record you can get from Melted Vinyl on their song “Beyond”.

Melted Vinyl is an ultra talented group who create a masterpiece on their song “Beyond”. As soon as you hit play they got you, as they bring you into their world, with big time vocals that lead the way for this incredible journey. The production is truly a work of art and sets the scene perfectly for the magic created on this fresh record, with each element playing it’s part to the fullest.

Melted Vinyl’s “Beyond” is the type of record that makes discovering music fun. Hearing an original big sound, that has new life and separates itself from everything else like it. It’s a creative approach that works superbly for this collective as they give you a master class musicianship at it’s finest.

Check out Melted Vinyl “Beyond” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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