Billboard-Charting Artist Call Me Ace to feature on #GlobalWorldWednesday

Billboard-Charting Artist Call Me Ace to feature on #GlobalWorldWednesday

Global World Wednesdays have been known for being a place for feedback for artists. Countless artists have come through for the live to either get feedback, or give artists a Local, National, or Global rating for their work.

For this upcoming episode on October 28th at 9PM EST, Billboard Charting Artist Call Me Ace, will be a guest for this special episode. Call Me Ace will be there to discuss his career, his music, and play three songs for the people to judge for themselves.

Tune in tomorrow, October 28th at 9PM EST on the Global Money World Instagram, and catch this special episode with Call Me Ace.

Get familiar with Call Me Ace below and connect with him on Instagram and Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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