Lily Piekos – Superbloom

Lily Piekos – Superbloom

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and ready to start the week right. To start your week off right, we try to bring music that is undeniable. That music that defies preference and just music to enjoy. That’s what we have without a doubt on the new song from Lily Piekos called “Superbloom”.

Lily Piekos brings a record that is packed with appeal and soul on her new song “Superbloom”. Her talent truly lives up to the title with everything being on super bloom for the world to enjoy. The song is vocally amazing and feels good to the spirit to hear, with her delivering each note just right to help the lyrics resonate in a real way.

Lily Piekos “Superbloom” is a special record that people all over will enjoy. It’s truly a flawless body of work with each element, doing it’s job to the fullest to make something must hear. The production sets an amazing tone, Lily’s vocals shine to the fullest, and the writing is superb to make a record with unlimited replay value.’

Check out Lily Piekos “Superbloom” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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