Yak the Mack, Trey Kams – Motion

Yak the Mack, Trey Kams – Motion

One thing there will never be a shortage of is new music, but one thing you don’t find often is a new favorite song. That song you hear and instantly you like t so much that, you want to learn the words to sing along. Those kind of gems aren’t easy to find, but once you do you enjoy every second of it. That’s the type of record you get from Yak the Mack and Trey Kams on the new song “Motion”.

Yak the Mack and Trey Kams come together to make your new favorite smash on the new song “Motion”. The words to describe how good this record is, are truly limitless with everything being truly supreme about this special tune. The production is hypnotizing and engulfs the listener in the waves of the music, with a vocal approach that has a perfect blend of finesse and bravado to it, that is super infectious and makes you buy in completely.

Yak the Mack and Trey Kams “Motion” is truly an amazing record that continues to give us all a reason, to enjoy new music. Everything about this record oozes brilliance from the production, writing, and vocals it’s something you don’t want to miss out on, and enjoy to the fullest.

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