Weston Estate – Saturday Nights

Weston Estate – Saturday Nights

There are more artists than theres ever been, but one thing you don’t hear as often is great groups. A collective group of people coming together as one, to make an amazing experience of music to enjoy. So many solo acts, it’s easy to forget how refreshing it is to hear an amazing group, but Weston Estate gives you everything you need on the new song “Saturday Nights”.

Weston Estate brings the world a heartfelt masterpiece on the new song “Saturday Nights”. The music is amazing and creates an experience, with stellar production that sets the perfect tone. The vocals are a match made in heaven with the production, with each note melting the listener, while delivering the genius level writing to make on cohesive piece of audio, that you must dig in to.

Weston Estate’s “Saturday Nights” is a record that you find now and lasts you for a lifetime. It’s the type of song you can just play, and let the music do the work, with each element of the record being done to a supreme level to make something that will make you fall in love with music.

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