Kat Dahlia – Tu Turtora

Kat Dahlia – Tu Turtora

Nothing will have you looking for new music like a break up. With so many emotions running through, it leaves us looking for music to fit the mood, or pick it up. Looking for records that will leave you in the feels, or that will have you dusting yourself off, and bossing up. Kat Dahlia gives you the latter with her new record “Tu Turtora”.

Kat Dahlia helps you stunt on your ex with this new bilingual smash “Tu Turtora”. The production sets an amazing tone with hard 808’s that knock out your speakers. Kat lets her presence be felt as she takes over the music, with infectious charisma, that makes her star power hard to ignore while delivering the writing that will have you singing at the top of your lungs for time to come.

Kat Dahlia “Tu Turtora” is the perfect storm of amazing music, and transparent artistry that makes it a total package of music. She delivers in every possible way to make a sure hit, that people will be clamoring for. Everything you’re looking to hear in music to make it enjoyable, is in this record thats watiting for you to press play.

Check out Kat Dahlia “Tu Turtora” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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