Dynas Featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff – Thai Food

Dynas Featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff – Thai Food

A great emcee has soul. That thing where they connect with the listener, and can feel everything they’re saying. Hearing that hunger in their voice to snap all over the track, while making the music as enjoyable as possible. Dynas comes together with DJ Jazzy Jeff stone get the job done on the new song “Thai Food”

Dynas brings food for the soul on his new song “Thai Food” featuring Dj Jazzy Jeff. The record is a full course of great emceeing, masterful presence, and golden style production, to let the music shine to the fullest. It’s a master class of lyricism with impressive wordplay, being displayed in every line over this production that is accompanied by scratching from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Dynas featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff “Thai Food” is that Hip Hop music that coontunes to shine through. They give Hip Hop mastery to the world enjoy, putting on a rapping clinic to show more life for the culture.

Check out Dynas featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff “Thai Food” and follow him on Instagram Stay Global my Friends!

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