WHIPPED CREAM Featuring Jasiah – DUMB SH!T

WHIPPED CREAM Featuring Jasiah – DUMB SH!T

Your time with a listener is never guaranteed for a single second. So when you have their time it’s best to not waste any time, and put on something undeniable for the people to enjoy. That mindset flourishes on this new collaboration from bass queen WHIPPED CREAM featuring Jasiah on the new song “DUMB SH!T”.

WHIPPED CREAM brings the noise on her latest creation featuring Jasiah called “DUMB SH!T”. As soon as you hit play the production grabs you out the speakers, and brings you in their exciting world full of chaos. The music is hard hitting with bass for your face, that is perfect for Jasiah’s rhyme style to shine to the fullest. The lyrics are hard hitting and plays the perfect narrator for the sounds being displayed.

WHIPPED CREAM featuring Jasiah “DUMB SHIT” is that hard edge music that will always make people get out of their seats. It’s substitutes the glamour for the grime, to make a masterpiece that’s impossible to ignore. It clicks in every facet of a record, to make each moving part something enjoyable for every second.

Check out WHIPPED CREAM featuring Jasiah “DUMB SHIT” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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