The Kemist x JonFX x Kleeo – Bassline

The Kemist x JonFX x Kleeo – Bassline

Music is enjoyable the most when you can have fun with it. That music that you can just play and the enjoy the vibes, as well as take a break from reality. That music always creates a enjoyable experience for people all over the world and that’s what you get from The Kemist, JonFX, and Kleeo on her new song “Bassline”.

The Kemist comes together with JonFX, and Kleeo to make music that will make you dance on the new song “Bassline”. It’s packed with Dancehall vibes that work for the listener to enjoy. They collectively bring infectious energy that makes you buy into the music immediately, as they commands your attention of every second of audio.

The Kemist featuring JonFX and Kleeo “Bassline” is a fun record to brighten up your day. For every second they make must hear music, that can play in any part of the world, with a special sound packed with mass appeal that you must hear now.

Check out The Kemist featuring JonFX and Kleeo “Bassline” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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