Mr. Risto Flow – Ristoflow Columbus (Album Review)

Mr. Risto Flow – Ristoflow Columbus (Album Review)

Music is more than good audio, but the picture one can create with the music, that truly makes them an artist. That artistry is what you can get from Mr. Risto Flow. A multi – talented artist who embodies the new class of artist who can not only emcee, but produce as well as mix the music you’re hearing. With his latest project “Ristoflow Columbus” he puts all of his talent on full bloom to give the listener eight records of sheer art that’s enjoyable for every second. Below is the review.

Everybody Knows Someone: “Why you mad at me, I’m awesome” The art of music, and his creative approach to music is on full bloom on this intro. The abstract mellow production takes you back to the days of throwing on headphones zoning out to music, while his flow rhyming paints the picture to the fullest to set a great tone

Dimensions: If you ever wanted to hear a super cool version of Anthony King’s “Pots N Plans” this song is for you. He’s mastered his style and its evident in his comfort in the pocket of the music. The rhymes a re packed with flavor, over this beat that will keep you rocking for every second of audio.

TOO Much: The music slows down but the energy in the rhyme approach keeps it all engaging, with his creative rhyme pattern bouncing over each bass hit, and piano key to perfection, to keep the project sonically moving forward in a real way.

Pilot, Fly in: “I’m a pilot, what me fly in” The music sounds like the action packed sequel to it’s predecessor, with the a chorus that fits the music, that makes you dream to the fullest. The song can be considered a modern day Jazz, record with the improvisation in the rhyming and production being on full bloom to make musical art.

T.W.G.M: One of the most appealing parts of the project, is the conversation the instruments have in the music. His understanding of music allows him to make each element play it’s part to the fullest, while his rapping is more authentic to ever, with an approach that sounds like he’s ready to rock the house over this personal favorite.

Silent Nite: A quick record with an industrial feel in the production, as he lets the music breath for a minute to showcase his craft of abstract style of music, before picking up the pace in the next record.

No Flower: After slowing it down in his previous record, he picks up the tempo over this record that shows his range. The music is high energy, as well as exciting with the Rock influence being evident in the production. His presence is commanding and makes the record that much enjoyable, with one of the funnest records on the project.

Everybody Knows Someone (Dimensions): The reprise of the intro bigger and deffer, with him fusing together the first two records, to make one cohesive sound of dopeness you want to enjoy to close out this special project.

Mr. Risto Flow’s “Ristoflow Columbus” is. project that dares to be great .It’s. refreshing body of work that encompasses everything to be a creative. In a time where music can be such a copycat trend, he showcases his own unique approach to music to create a masterpiece. If you want to hear something special in music this project is served and ready for the world to dive in.

Check out Mr. Risto Flow’s “Ristoflow Columbus” below and follow him on Instagram! Stay Global my Friends!

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