Everyone listens to music to find the sounds that will define their times. With music always feeling the silent spaces in our life, with the tales we can feel and relate to, that will always stick with us in our lifetime. That type of music is what helped music, especially Hip Hop rise to the top present day. The roots of what the genre is cemented in what you get from HunnaV and Mark Battles on their new song called “Benji’s” featuring Just Juice.

HunnaV and Mark Battles come together with Just Juice on their new single “Benji’s”. This record is where a sound packed with appeal, and soulful writing meet. The bass and guitar riffs gives the music appeal that helps the record transcend for the people. The lyricism is strong with lines that are super relatable, as well as lines that makes you respect the golden pins that helped this record shine supreme.

HunnaV and Mark Battles featuring Just Juice “Benji’s” is another dope collaboration between HunnaV and Mark Battle’s, with some added flair from Just Juice to make this record a certified smash. The story telling is immaculate, as each line comes to life for the listener to create an amazing musical experience to be apart of.

Check out HunnaV and Mark Battles featuring Just Juice “Benji’s” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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