Kevo Muney Featuring Kevin Gates – Amen

Kevo Muney Featuring Kevin Gates – Amen

Hip Hop and soul music have always went hand in hand. Both being genres that connect with people for a lifetime, as they get people to their point. That point of feeling the music, to the point it’s real, it’s life, and everything you need to get through. That type of music is what Kevo Muney brings you with his new song “Amen” featuring Kevin Gates.

Kevo Muney lets his melodic style shine on his new soulful tune “Amen” featuring Kevin Gates. The production has a nice ode to the gospel Kevo kicks in the lyrics, with his melodic approach delivering the music just right to make them felt. His presence is commanding and makes his talent hard to ignore with the story telling in the lyrics shining to the fullest, to make a record stellar in every way.

Kevo Muney featuring Kevin Gates “Amen” is a must hear incredible record that shows how soul music and Hip Hop will forever be tied together. It’s a record that delivers what the people need with a master class of music being given by Kevo and Kevin Gates, to make something must hear as well as showcase their talent to the fullest.

Check out Kevo Muney featuring Kevin Gates “Amen” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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