Youknowlando – Just Love Me Now

Youknowlando – Just Love Me Now

Music is at it’s best when it goes beyond sounds being played, but an experience. That thing that slows your world down, and makes you enjoy the music to the fullest. That type of music will always keep people coming back, and Youknowlando makes a record people will be coming back to for time to come on his new song “Just Love Me Now”.

Youknowlando blends genres to a genius level to make something special on his new song “Just Love Me Now”. The grooves in the production grab you right away, as they make you move but when Youknowlando steps in, he is commanding. He marvels in putting soul into his singing that makes you feel every note, while being lost in the world of the music, hoping to never leave the experience he brings to you.

Youknowlando’s “Just Love Me Now” is a super impressive record that will make you fall in love with the music, and artist alike. The writing is phenomenal, the song is vocally stellar, and the production sets the perfect tone for the artistry being displayed, that it’s a record impossible to not enjoy.

Check out Youknowlando “Just Love Me Now” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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