Phi11a x Scott Storch – Dirty Dancer

Phi11a x Scott Storch – Dirty Dancer

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has had a good week and ready for super dope weekend. To do our part we bring you the best of the best music, to kick off your weekend, and the new collaboration between Phi11a and Scott Storch is everything you need to hear and more, with their new song “Dirty Dancer”.

Phi11a and Scott Storch come together to make an instant smash on the new song “Dirty Dancer”. The production sets the perfect tone, with guitar riffs, that mesh perfectly with the bass that knocks. The chorus is infectious, and flow packed with flavor to deliver the saucy lyrics just right to make an engaging experience. Each element of the record shines in his own way to make it dope record to hear, as well as a song filled with replay value.

Phi11a and Scott Storch “Dirty Dancer” is everything people look for when hearing a collaboration. Each creative shines to the fullest, as they put their best music forward, to make one cohesive sound that the culture will enjoy to the fullest. Hit play now and enjoy this must hear record.

Check out Phi11a and Scott Storch “Dirty Dancer” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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