The Interrogation – Shine

The Interrogation – Shine

A record is always exciting when it’s captivating. That record that grabs you and brings you into their world, to create not only good audio, but an out of this world experience. That type of music will always be thrilling to discover and The Interrogation has that with their new song “Shine”.

The Interrogation embodies the title with their new song “Shine”. The Interrogation is able to do just that “Shine” with impressive production that wastes little time to be engaging, and makes sure the listener doesn’t have a choice to decide if they will stick around to hear it all or not with the music making the decision for you. The vocal approach is big time, and delivers the lyrics just right to make it all come together on all cylinders.

The Interrogation’s “Shine” is a record that dares to be great, with it’s big time sound you will need to hear more of. It excels at making itself must hear, with each moving part coming together to make one cohesive sound to make an impact on the world.

Check out The Interrogation “Shine” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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