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People come to music for many different reasons, but one of the most important is to feel good. That music that you play and it gets you out of your seat, as you are brought into the sounds in a major way. That type of energy is bursting out the seams of the new record from Leland Philpot and Cordell Paige called “Break The Chains”.

Leland Philpot and Cordell Paige bring the new age gospel on the new song “Break The Chains”. The production sets the ultimate tone, with a bright feel that makes you feel joyous before they even come on the track. Once they step in, they do it beyond big with high energy in the flow that makes it infectious, and impressive lyricism that delivers the message to make this song supreme in every way imaginable.

Leland Philpot and Cordell Paige “Break The Chains” is that real music that creates an experience, you will keep running back to. It’s a smash that you feel in your soul, with the energy the music brings you, while also showcasing their amazing talent to the fullest on something that is must hear.

Check out Leland Philpot and Cordell Paige “Break The Chains” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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