NOVA – Replay

NOVA – Replay

A big thing in music present day is vibes. That way a record feels to you, where even if you don’t know why you like it, you know the way that it makes you feel is something special, that you want more of. A record packed with. vibes you myst have is NOVA on his new song “Replay”.

NOVA creates a musical experience you will be thankful to be apart of on the new song “Replay”. The production sets a great tone, with smooth guitar riffs that NOVA’s vocals are a match made in heaven with. The writing is superb and tells this love story to perfection, to make it all feel good to the spirt to hear.

NOVA’s “Replay” is a must hear record packed with good vibes you must hear now. He excels in every category to make a record, that resonates with the people in a real way. It’s a record that makes you slow down and enjoy the music, for a special kind of jam you will keep on replay for time to come.

Check out NOVA “Replay” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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