With a big record it’s important to give it the most light possible. Knowing the appeal it has, and making sure it shakes the world. Steven Malcom has one of those big records with his song “Fuego”. A super swaggy record, that showcases his infectious style to the fullest. He upped the bar with his remix to “Fuego” adding legendary artist Shaggy to the mix, and with his latest remix by R3HAB, they make the people move.

Steven Malcolm comes together with Shaggy and R3HAB, to add dance appeal to the latest remix of “Fuego”. The signature flow shines to the fullest, as it rides the added elements to perfection to give it that much more appeal. Each artists presence is felt in a real way on this record packed with star power to give this song even more life on the latest mix.

Steven Malcolm featuring Shaggy “Fuego” remix by R3HAB embodies everything a remix is supposed to be. It gives you everything you love about the original, while giving take the music to place you never knew it could go, but everything you could want and more.

Check out Steven Malcolm featuring Shaggy “Fuego” remix by R3HAB and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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